The word always reminds me of Gray and Elegy and in my mind it is followed automatically by ‘vales’ and I see picturesque pictures of picturesque valleys. 

However, the word does mean isolated. 

I wonder how my day is going to be tomorrow. I will be alone.

Wing and David have been gone far too long. Natalie and Sebastian have been gone almost as long. Angus has only been gone a week and won’t be back for 9 days more. Kasia just left for her birthday. Thomas has an auntie in town tomorrow and will be away all day. Megan is busy. 

I probably won’t bother going to brunch. Maybe not even to dinner. I will hopefully begin revision for exams besides French, rather than twiddle my thumbs and squander the day away on Star Trek. 

This is interesting, because I hadn’t before realised how much I look forward to interaction and how integral it seems to have become, in this hall life. Living in a flat is almost unimaginable at this point. 

The Monument.

a) Metal Giraffes. Stories of cranes, cities and competition. There are few things more memorable that whimsical brainstorming with a whimsical friend.
b) The Golden Fire. Christopher Wren. Built as a monument to the Great Fire. Restored. 61m. Topped by the golden fire.
c) Shell stairs. Round and round and round go the steps and my head and I can suddenly no longer keep track of my feet or my thoughts until I stop. Stop. Tired. Confused. Photograph.
d) The Shard. Tall buildings compete. I’m taller than you. Newer than you. Fancier than you. More expensive than you. I win. Yet people choose to take selfies from atop your balcony.

Friday was truly an extraordinary day. Not more ordinary, but more than ordinary. Afternoon of climbing, evening of tea, night of snacks and movies and all.
Much love for you both and the city.

I don’t actually hate LSE. In fact, I really like it. Campus, library, SU building vibe, penguins, elephants and all. I like the Wright’s Bar and the street-campus feel of it. I enjoy guest lectures, I even enjoy some of the regular reading and lectures I’ve heard dammit. I go to King’s College London and I do not hate the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Reading about the University of London makes me wonder why we have all this stupid rivalry anyway.

I mean, there’s a reason I applied.
It wasn’t to come and lord over each other for mascot and corpse and honour stealing. It was because there’s a bunch of really fantastic schools in this really fantastic city.

What is it with colleges and rivalries, really? Why does it matter who has the nicer library? (We do) Or who’s got the nicest campus and museum with dinosaur skeletons? (Totally UCL) Or who’s top of the social science rankings? (Okay LSE) Or who went where? (Gandhi, Tutu, JFK fine whatever) I WISH WE COULD ALL GET ALONG LIKE WE USED TO IN MIDDLE SCHOOL. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.

The Battle of Trafalgar.

There’s so much I could write about yesterday. International Pillow Fight Day at Trafalgar Square, it was. Pillows everywhere, top of the Square teeming with people are feathers and microfibre fluff. It was fantastic.

Some of the highlights were-

  • Getting into a duel with that one guy who wielded his pillow like it was a double-sided lightsaber, I swear, he was part-Sith Lord. 
  • Charging into battle from above the crowd, sitting on shoulders and getting fiercely attacked by everyone below and trying to fend them off.
  • The one-on-one with the other girl who was also sitting on someone’s shoulders. 
  • Defending the little kid from the adults and then having him whack me on the head and the adults saying, “I told you so.”
  • The middle-schooler who knocked my glasses off and got a picture and I saw him snapchatting it to people.
  • Battering Spiderman, after he bullied the kids.
  • The guy who said, “Oooh, you’re angry. I can see it in your eyes.”
  • All the pair-duels and moments of “OH don’t you dare! That’s my girlfriend, I’m going to defend her honour!” that were so reminiscent of Ron and “That’s my girlfriend, you numpty!”
  • And finally, attacking the three men in monkey onsies, absolutely going in for the kill and having one of them look at me in surprise after a while and scream, “IT’S A GIRL.” 

It was a truly satisfying day. In the maddest, London-est way possible. 

"Nothing is worse than an attempt to end with a glib statement (‘The overall effect of the Luxembourg compromise/the battle of Waterloo/the success of Snoop Dog, therefore, was that it showed to the World that the EEC/Prussia/Eminem was there to stay’) – better not to make one at all."

Dr Christoph Meyer, in one of KCL’s many essay writing guides.

(Source: aspiring-rainbow)

Home again.

So, I just sent in my reapplication form to live at Connaught again next year. I know I shouldn’t be nervous about it, because it’s more or less a done deal that I will be able to stay, but there’s still something slightly nerve-wracking about the process.

I can’t wait till next September, when I come home again.

I’m already looking forward to it. That’s probably slightly premature and abnormal, but hey whatever, I love this place and I just want exams to be over and the uncertainty of the summer to be gone.

God I’ve missed being out in this city. I will never get over how breathtakingly beautiful it is.


Had a fantastic morning at the Tavistock Sqaure for the Connaughlympics. This was rehearsal for the Egg and Spoon race (WHICH I THEN WON- GO FOURTH FLOOR!) 
London is being beautiful and sunny and pleasant and making me forget about all the deadlines that should be stressing me out.

Had a fantastic morning at the Tavistock Sqaure for the Connaughlympics. This was rehearsal for the Egg and Spoon race (WHICH I THEN WON- GO FOURTH FLOOR!)
London is being beautiful and sunny and pleasant and making me forget about all the deadlines that should be stressing me out.

A Week of Adventure.

7 days ago, I blogged about wanting adventure. 

As of today, I feel like I really have had a week of adventure. 

Here’s a quick list. 

  • My Old Dutch- On Monday, Kasia and I had a pre-pancake day pancake date. DEEEEELISHIOUS meal, it was. And I’ve been spending more time with Kash again, which feels really good.

  • Through the Ages- Angus took me and Meg to a ballet-fusion dance show at the Peacock Theatre. Reluctant as I am to admit it, the LSE is a fantastic repository of talented students. 
  • Thames Path- Last Tuesday, I walked back home from Megan’s place. (We made pancakes and had cheese toasties!) Except I walked across London Bridge, passed St. Paul’s, sat on a ledge by the river watching Southwark Bridge changing colour in its technicolour lighting and just soaked up the riverside city. It was beautiful.

  • Capitalism and Gender Violence- I realise that attending guest lectures might not qualify on most lists of adventure, but I really do love going to these talks- I learn so much and it feels so productive and adventures of the mind are adventures too. I hope that the professor who spoke will reply to my e-mail question eventually.
  • We Will Rock You- Queen. From the stalls. Dominion Theatre. No more needs to be said. Thank you, Shiv.
  • Hackney/Stoke Newington- Saturday flea market with Kash. And walking around hipster area. And trying on less than Wingshan sized vintage dresses and buying shiny earrings and rainbow rings and looking for presents and walking through parks and cemeteries and feeling like we’ve left the city and having epiphanies about life and contentment and dogs and partners and children and parks and happiness. And then dinner at Kimchee. I’m glad I decided to resist the nap and go out.

  • SUNSHINE SUNDAY- Sunbathing in Gordon Square with my girls and sleeping on the grass while Wing sprawls across me and makes herself comfortable resting on my tummy and Kasia reads ‘How to be a Woman’ out loud and we laugh at some of the writing and move around to get the best sun and talk about floofs and fairness and my eyes are closed, but I can feel a daisy being placed behind my ear and I love them so much and I really hope spring is here to stay.